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International Lexicon of Aesthetics

The International Lexicon of Aesthetics (ILAe) is intended as a fully open access dictionary of major concepts and authors that have fuelled the aesthetic debate. It also aims at offering a constant and updated outline of current studies, critical positions and salient issues in contemporary aesthetics.

Trusting in the cooperation of leading scholars and experts in the various fields of aesthetics, ILAe is intended as a tool to exploit the potentialities of the world wide web, presenting itself as an ever-open, constantly evolving and up-to-date work.

As aesthetics no longer overlaps with the philosophy of art and has become a multi-faceted field of research, a reference work on this essential branch of philosophy is necessary in order to provide a proper compass to those who aim at orientating themselves in a discipline, which nowadays spreads from the theory of art to the theory of experience and far beyond.

Scholars will therefore be asked to address critical topics of contemporary aesthetics as well as those of the traditional one. On this path, ILAe will provide an up-to-date scholarly instrument to understand what “aesthetics” and the “aesthetic” mean today.

ILAe is published by Mimesis and issues two editions per year, the first one (Spring edition) in May and the second one (Autumn edition) in November. Our editorial policies are available here.

The whole board of ILAe is grateful to the Italian Society of Aesthetics for its support in planning and funding this project.