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Editorial Policies

  • The International Lexicon of Aesthetics (ILAe) only accepts and publishes entries concerning aesthetics and disciplines or problems strictly related to it.

How to Contribute to ILAe:

  • ILAe generally solicits entries by invitation.
    In this case, the author is invited to produce an entry by a member of the Editorial Board. Invited authors are widely recognized leading scholars on the subject matter. The entry will concern their main interests.

  • ILAe also accepts entry proposals.
    In this case, a qualified proponent submits a proposal to the Editorial Board, who will evaluate the submission. The proposal should consist in an abstract of max. 300 words, the preliminary structure of the entry, and an essential bibliography. The proponent should add a CV and an emblematical essay, which proves his/her expertise on the topic.

  • ILAe operates a double peer review process.

Editorial Author Guidelines